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Mitigation is the story-telling part of representing the criminal defendant. Where the prosecution talks about the crime and the victim, mitigation talks about the story of the defendant as a person before the crime, after the crime, and in the future. At its core, mitigation is the process of showing the ADA or Judge why they should be lenient with a defendant.  Mitigation experts can assist in putting that story to paper by collecting school records, medical records, and interviews from your client and their loved ones. They then present this information in story-telling form many times highlighting abuse, neglect or deprivation suffered by the defendant, the impact of those factors on normal development and/or evidence of positive performance and potential for reform. Every case is unique, every client has a story and with the assistance of a Mitigation Expert you can make sure that story is told.

Below you will find our In-House Mitigation Specialists and a link to a list of Mitigation Experts used by our Onondaga ACP Panel Attorneys.


In-House ACP Mitigation Specialists

CCA/Private Mitigation Experts

Ann Usborne
Andrew Sicherman

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Find our list of Mitigation Experts here.

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