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Contact Name Company Name Phone Number E-Mail Address/ Website
Brown, Curtis First Choice Private Investigations LLC 315-515-0272

Cominolli, Joseph E. Joseph E. Cominolli, Inc. 315-243-5008
Faynor, Robert
Faynor, Kelly
Faynor Investigative Services Team, Inc 315-729-2774
Garner, Mark MAG Private Investigators 315-794-9060
Hilton, Ron Hilton Investigations LLC 518-813-2037

Hutchinson, Virgil H. Jr Freeland Investigation Services, LLC 315-760-6719

Murphy, Fran PIB Investigations 315-474-7773

Myers, Dan Intrigue Investigations 315-727-3158
Naughton, William Dublin Investigation Agency LLC 315-399-8894
Rivenburgh, Michael Rivenburgh Private Investigation 315-897-6475
Sacco, Pat Verdad Investigations & Protection, Inc 315-374-3479
Spadafore, Joseph CNY Investigation Bureau 315-472-5601


Stewart, Anthony Stewart Investigations 315-729-2105
Wiers, Thomas TW Private Investigations, LLC 315-866-8039



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