Legal Services of Central New York: Re-Entry Program

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Summary of Services

Who We Serve
ATTORNEYS: We provide technical assistance to attorneys who represent clients through the Onondaga County Assigned Counsel Program.
CLIENTS: We provide Re-Entry Services to clients who reside in Onondaga County, primarily through referral from the Onondaga County Assigned Counsel Program, as well as “walk in” clients who come to our office seeking assistance.

Technical Assistance for Attorneys
Assistance We Can Provide:

  • General advice on collateral consequences of a conviction – even minor convictions can lead have longterm consequences to a client’s quality of life.
  • Collateral consequences can include barriers to employment, housing, public benefits, licensing, andvoting rights.
  • Determining eligibility for applying for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities at the time of sentencing.

Examples of Types of Cases We Can Assist With:

  • Welfare Fraud – May have technical defenses based on State or Federal Regulations.
  • Sex Offense Cases – We can advise on the consequences of Sex Offender Registration.
  • Clients who work in the healthcare facilities – even if they are custodians or food service workers in ahealth care facility.
  • Clients who live in public housing.
  • Any other case where you have questions about collateral consequences.

Attorneys seeking technical assistance should call Katie Krusey at 315-703-6582 or email

Direct Post-Conviction Assistance for Clients

  • Obtain and review client’s NYS and/or FBI RAP sheet and provide client with accurate list of convictions.
  • Submit request for corrections to RAP sheet when warranted.
  • Counsel clients on the nexus between employment and criminal conviction history.
  • Assist clients in applying for and utilizing Certificates of Relief from Disabilities and Certificates of Good Conduct.
  • Applications for sealing pursuant to CPL 160.59.
  • Counseling clients on voting rights and assisting with voter registration process.
  • Provide representation/assistance to clients who experience obstacles based on criminal history in
    • Employment
    • Housing (both private and subsidized)
    • Applications for Professional Licensure in New York State

For assistance with Post-Conviction issues, refer your clients to Jeff VanBuren at 315-703-6568